How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men: Effective Tips and Tricks

Itching to know how to prevent hair loss in men? Hair loss is a serious problem among men of all ages. It usually becomes severe as we grow old, but there are also people in their 20s suffering from it.

This on-going and growing problem is mostly caused by unhealthy urban lifestyle, exposure to pollution, and the use of chemical-filled hair care products. If you

Hair loss is a serious problem among men of all ages. It may become severe as we grow old, but you can still find people in their twenties suffering from hair loss. This is also a growing problem, mostly because of an unhealthy urban lifestyle, pollution, and chemical-filled hair care products.

According to recent estimates, about one-third of the population suffers from mild to severe hair loss problem. The Cleveland Clinic even states that almost half of the men in the United States start losing their hairs by the time they reach 40 years of age.

While it is also a natural phenomenon as we lose about 100 hair strands a day on average, anything more than that is considered hair loss. There are many ways that can help us reduce the hair fall, or even promote healthy and thicker hairs.

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Before you can learn how to prevent hair loss in men, you first need to identify the causes. For example, are you taking a medication that is causing hair loss? Is it due to your lifestyle and eating habits? Is it due to mineral deficiency, stress, genetics, or pollution?

In many cases, few lifestyle changes can reduce or stop hair fall. Our diet also plays a vital role in hair loss prevention. The best case scenario is if you can find the cause and take steps to rectify the problem.

For example, if it is your diet, then you should start eating food that is rich in nutrients required for healthy hair. If it is your habit of wearing a hat that’s causing it, then consider letting go of your hats.

However, in most cases, people have no idea why they are losing their hairs, or are often confused about it. In that case, you can do the following to reduce the risk of hair loss.

Choose Your Shampoo Carefully

Not everything that shines is gold, and the same is true with your shampoo. If it is offering you instant shiny and silky hair, check the list of ingredients before feeling proud of your shampoo.

The chances are, it has synthetic compounds that provide instant shine but ruin your hairs in the long run, doesn’t offer any nutritional value to your scalp, weakens roots, and builds DHT, which is product build-up and one of the leading causes of hair loss.

So, what to do? The best course of action is to throw it away and replace it with a better option—organic shampoos. These may be a little expensive and offer slow results, but they ensure healthy, strong, and thick hair for a long time.

These shampoos also promote better hair growth, provides nutrients to your scalp, and treat the roots of your hair. It is recommended to wash your hair daily with these shampoos.

Check the Label!

Our hair needs some specific vitamins and nutrients for healthy growth. When buying an organic shampoo, makes sure to check the list of ingredients and formula for Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

These vitamins promote circulation of blood in our scalp and encourage healthy production of sebum. This means that they not only prevent hair loss but also make them stronger and shiny.

Also, modern studies suggest that a lack of vitamin D is also a cause of hair loss. If you are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency, add foods that are rich in vitamin D to your diet or take Vitamin D supplement.

Eat for Healthy Hair

Some minor modifications to your weekly diet plan can have long-lasting effects on your hair. Just like other parts of our body, protein is also the primary building block of our hair. Eat food that is rich in protein like beans, fish, lean meats, and soy.

Treat Your Scalp with Essential Oils

Another way to provide your scalp with all the nutrients it needs is to massage it with essential oils. There are plenty of good options available in different varieties.

When you massage your scalp with these essential oils for a few minutes, it offers deeper penetration. The process also helps our hair follicles remain active. So which essential oils are best for the hair loss? Lavender oil and almond oil are some of the best options.

Meditation and Exercise

As mentioned earlier, lifestyle changes can also have a long-lasting and positive effect on our hairs. Our inactive urban lifestyle and lack of physical activity are causing a lot of health-related problems, and hair loss is one of these problems.

Make sure to add half an hour of exercise to your daily routine, in addition to meditation. When we exercise, blood circulation gets better, which means that our scalp also gets the freshly oxygenated blood that it needs.

Stress and anxiety is also a common cause of hair loss. Start living a relaxed life, meditate, and do things to relieve stress.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Do you brush your hair when it is still wet? If yes, don’t do it again. Avoid brushing wet hair as they are in their weakest state when wet, which increases the chance of hair loss.

For the same reasons, rubbing your wet hairs with a towel is also not recommended. Also, don’t brush your hair again and again, as the practice weakens the roots of the hair. A good alternative is to use fingers in case you want to undo tangles.

Make Lifestyle Changes

If you smoke, stop smoking. If you drink a lot of alcoholic beverages, reduce the quantity. Make sure your hairs are not exposed to constant heating or drying. Try to keep your head sweat-free as much as possible.

You can also change the style of your hair by loosening them up. Stop applying hair care products like hair gel, colors, and other similar products with chemicals. All of these will help prevent hair loss.


All in all, even when hair loss is a common and growing problem, there are also effective solutions available that would not only reduce hair loss but also to reverse the damage. Even few minor changes to your lifestyle can have a very healthy and long-lasting effect on your hair.

However, one of the most important factors is the shampoo you use. Organic shampoos that are nutrient-rich are the best possible solution to prevent hair loss as well as to grow healthy hair.

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How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men FAQs

Can a man’s hair grow back?

A man’s hair can grow back with the proper treatment therapies.

Is it normal for guys to lose hair?

It is extremely common for men to lose their hair. In fact, nearly 35 million men suffer from hair loss in the United States alone.

How can I stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?

The best natural hair growth treatment to help combat hair loss are FDA-cleared laser caps that naturally stimulate blood flow to the scalp by using low level light therapy.

Is my hair loss permanent?

Hair can be stimulated and regrowth can occur on some scalps with the proper treatment therapy.

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