REVIAN is a medical technology company that specializes in hair growth technology.

Using a new wave of light-based technology that stimulates your body’s natural processes to revitalize your hair and skin.

This revian red review article will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about Revian’s products, which are designed for both men and women.

Revian’s caps use a Modulated Light Therapy (MLT) to stimulate your scalp as well as promote natural hair growth in areas where it has been lost or thinned out due to male pattern baldness (MPB).

The article also reviews Revian’s clinical study and what makes the product different from the other product.

About REVIAN RED Hair Cap

The REVIAN RED laser cap is designed for the different hair types, which includes those with thinning and losing their hair caused by male pattern baldness (MPB) and Androgenetic alopecia.

MPB is a common condition that affects more than 50 million men and 30 million women in the U.S.

Shake up their appearance with an M-shaped receding hairline which generally starts to form around age thirty or so.

With REVIAN RED, MPB could no longer be a problem!

It’s been clinically proven to grow more hair in less time than other treatments including Minoxidil, , and LLLT (low-level laser therapy).

The first FDA-cleared at-home medical device, a dual-band system for both skin rejuvenation and overall hair growth that can be used during any period of daily life!

REVIAN Red offers an all-inclusive solution by combining two major fields: Dermatology (skin) regeneration with medicine (hair loss).

This new biotech technique utilizes red light therapy as well as IPL technology to effectively stimulate cells into producing collagen which reduces wrinkles while promoting regrowth of healthy follicles on your scalp.

Even better? You don’t have to go anywhere!

REVIAN RED Hair Growth System

When the hair follicles are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, it results in a decrease in hair growth.

REVIAN’s Modulated Light Therapy (MLT) utilizes proprietary wavelengths (620 and 660) of LED light to stimulate Nitric Oxide release which enhances growth factors, reduces inflammation, increases blood flow to the affected areas for healthier scalp conditions so that new hairs can grow.

The REVIAN RED emits gentle pulses of red light that penetrate deep into your skin with each pulse, mimicking the natural signal from the sun.

REVIAN RED has been clinically proven to work for both men and women, no matter what type of hair they have (including Caucasian, African-American, Asian), or how long their hair is.

What sets Revian apart from other laser caps? REVIAN RED was designed with a patented, ergonomic design that provides users complete comfort and ease of use – it’s easy on your head and hands!

The cap is equipped with a Bluetooth device that connects to an app to give you more accurate and personalized analytics. Revian lets you see the results in real-time, so it is much easier to spot when your hair starts growing back again!

The ‘smart’ cap is completely wireless, and can be controlled by a mobile app. The app helps patients achieve better results while staying compliant with the treatments that only require 10 minutes per day at home!

In just 10 minutes a day, the Wireless Cap + Smart App can help you achieve the thicker hair of your dreams. Revian’s Smart App allows you to track progress and improve results with personalized coaching for every user. With Revian, achieving great-looking hair is as easy as brushing your teeth!

REVIAN RED Clinical Trial

In this clinical trial, REVIAN RED successfully demonstrated the ability to stop hair loss and subsequently grow new hair by stimulating key proteins in follicles.

REVIAN RED can halt balding and promote healthy growth of thicker head hairs while regenerating damaged tissue at a cellular level where there was none before for individuals who suffer from thinning or receding hairlines.

Adult men and women diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia were randomly assigned to a dual-wavelength, all-LED hair growth cap (REVIAN RED) or placebo cap (with no light therapy) for 10-minutes per day.

The results of a study comparing red light therapy to placebo on pattern hair loss were astounding.

Subjects that had at least 80% compliance with the treatment while wearing a cap containing LED lights, saw an average of 26.3 more hairs/cm² after 16 weeks compared to those who wore placebo caps.

Subjects treated with placebo continued to lose their remaining hair over time due to the severity of the condition being studied.

“We specifically designed this clinical trial with the rigor of a pharmaceutical trial,” said Rodney Sinclair, MD, professor of medicine at Melbourne University and principal investigator in the trial. “We used the same primary and secondary endpoints as were used in [the] and minoxidil studies. We used placebo caps. Participants and evaluators were blinded, and as an outcome, these results can be trusted.”

The clinical data showing a significant reduction in itching, burning, and irritation observed with this new class of LED light therapy that utilizes two wavelengths of light.

This innovative treatment for at-home use is a reasonable alternative to other treatments meant to treat the same symptoms without side effects often associated with them or their expense which makes it more convenient for people suffering from chronic itchiness who may be unable to afford medical assistance outside regular working hours.

The all-LED, dual-wavelength REVIAN RED device showed excellent safety during the trial.

No treatment discontinuations were due to an adverse event and no serious events related to any of the treatments occurred

Should I Buy REVIAN RED ?

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