Best Hair Growth Shampoos Designed for Men and Women

Are you experiencing thinner hairs as you grow old? Are you suffering from hair loss? If yes, you are not alone. Millions in the world suffer from the same issues. However, there is nothing to worry about because there is a perfect solution available in the form of the best hair growth shampoo.

Adding volume, thickness, and shine to your hair is a challenge, but only if you are using the wrong product. As we age, the hair begins to fall and become thinner. What’s main culprit? The chemical-filled hair care shampoos we so commonly use.

These shampoos often offer quick shine to our hairs but have long-term side effects. For this reason, more and more people are beginning to switch to organic shampoo to improve hair growth, prevent hair loss, and avoid thin hairs.

And guess what? There are plenty of options to choose from! Even though you can find thousands of products that claim to promote healthy hairs, the best hair growth shampoo is the one that is made of all organic ingredients without any synthetic chemicals.

While these shampoos offer holistic hair therapy and long-term solutions without any side effects, they often produce slow results. Nevertheless, they are proven safe and effective to use. Here are three of our favorite hair growth shampoos!

Best Hair Growth Shampoo Reviews

In this article, we have listed the three best shampoos for hair growth along with the reasons why they made it to our top three options. Check them out below!

The Maple Holistic Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

Maple Holistic is a well-known brand when it comes to organic hair care and personal care products. The US-based brand promises holistic treatment for all your hair loss worries, and the Maple Holistic Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth is one example.

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Key Features

This hair growth and deep cleansing shampoo treats your hair using a holistic approach. Instead of adding instant shine to your hair using synthetic chemicals, it treats your scalp and hair roots with its nutrient-rich biotin formula.

The formula contains ingredients like zinc, provitamin B5, coconut oil, green tea extract, and several other natural ingredients. In total, it includes 11 ingredients, which are mostly natural oils and plant extracts.

If you look closely, it is actually a herb-based formula that uses herbs like mulberry root extract, phytokeratin, rosemary extracts, and similar herbs. Another key ingredient is Argan oil, which has been used for centuries to promote hair growth.

The formula is suitable for both men and women and is recommended for daily use. The bottle contains eight ounces of the liquid formula.

The Pros

  • Provides biotin to your hair, which is the basic building block of our hair
  • Provides essential nutrients to our scalp
  • Blocks DHT, which is one of the primary cause of hair loss
  • Affordable
  • No harmful synthetic compounds used in the formula

The Con

  • You may need to use conditioner to avoid tangles

The Paisle Botanics Thickening Shampoo

Second on our list is the Paisle Botanics Thickening Shampoo. This one also comes from a well-established US-based brand, Paisle Botanics. This company is known for its high-quality products that are both safe and effective.

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Key Features

The Paisle Botanics Thickening Shampoo is specially formulated for people with sensitive skin. It does not contain any harsh chemicals like sulfate compound and paraben, which are common ingredients in anti-thinning shampoos.

Instead, this shampoo uses natural ingredients like rosemary oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, hemp seed oil, and several other natural oils and plant extracts blended in a biotin formula. This formula is designed to provide all essential oils and nutrients to your scalp, making the roots of the hair stronger.

In addition to that, this formula also treats the root cause of thin hairs, boosting stronger hair by treating the roots. The Biotin formula (B-Complex) provides essential Vitamin B and Vitamin E to both your scalp and hairs.

As an added bonus, this shampoo also leaves a pleasant botanical scent in your hair without using any chemicals for fragrance. The product is for both men and women and for all hair types.

The Pros

  • An organic product
  • Improves chemically treated or damaged hairs
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Nourishes, thickens, and strengthens hair
  • Prevents hair loss by blocking DHT
  • Safe to use on a daily basis
  • If not satisfied with results, Paisle Botanics offers 100% money back guarantee

The Con

  • Takes time to improve your hair

The Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Shampoo

If you compare all three brands listed in our article, Shea Moisture is clearly a winner when it comes to recognition. This US-based brand is known for its high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and body washes, which they have been offering for the last two and a half decades.

One of their most popular products is Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo, and for all the right reasons. Below are some of its most notable features.

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Key Features

This shampoo from Shea Moisture is made of all-natural and USDA-certified ingredients without the use of any synthetic compound. It is also a sulfate-free formula, which makes it safe to use for sensitive skin.

The formula is designed to remove product build-up, also called DHT, which is a leading cause of hair fall and weaker roots. It provides essential nutrients and oils to your scalp, resulting in healthy and strong hair growth.

Some of the key ingredients are apple cider vinegar, shea butter, and Jamaican black castor oil. This combination balances the PH levels to add shine to your hairs. The bottle contains 16.3 ounces of shampoo that is more than enough to last you for weeks.

The Pros

  • Advance organic formula that cleanses and nourishes hair
  • Provides moisture to color treated, chemically processed, natural, and heat-styled hair
  • Safe for daily use
  • Not only promotes hair growth, but also make them shiny and silky

The Con

  • Not for all types of hairs

The Last Words

If you are looking for a good hair growth shampoo, all three makes for a great choice. However, if you look closely, there is a slight difference in their ingredients and formulations.

Even when all these shampoos are organic, they all use different key natural ingredients. For example, the first two options are biotin shampoos, which is a B-complex formula and supplies the basic building block of our hair.

If you have sensitive skin, the safest side-effects-free shampoo is Paisle Botanics Thickening Shampoo. On the other hand, if you are looking for a nutrient-rich formula, Maple Holistic Biotin Shampoo is the best. However, if you compare all three brands, Shea Moisture is the brand that is known throughout the world for their high-quality hair care products.

In the end, the decision rests upon you. Just remember to choose the hair growth shampoo that you believe would give you the best results, and that is specially designed for your specific needs and preferences.

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Best Hair Growth Shampoo FAQs

What is the best way to pick a shampoo for hair growth?

First consider your hair type. There are shampoos designated to certain hair types based on thickness, consistency, etc.

Can shampoos be harmful for hair growth?

Yes. Be aware of the ingredients that your shampoo contains and stay away from those that contain chemicals such as parabens and sulfates.

Is there a specific shampoo designated for hair growth?

DHT-blocking shampoos are great when looking to achieve hair growth. This product is designed to block the overproduction of the DHT hormone on the scalp which has been credited to cause hair loss.

By James