How to Accelerate Hair Growth the Natural Way

Have you ever seen someone with the most beautiful hairstyle and wish to have the same? In most cases, though, to get that particular hairstyle, you will need to let your hair grow out. Now, only if there was a magic potion to grow your hair quickly, right? Sadly, there isn’t, which is why we aim to talk about how to accelerate hair growth the natural way in this article.

While you may have seen ads for certain hair oils or serums that claim to grow your hair at lightning speed, let us tell you right away that these claims aren’t true. Sure, they may help to a certain extent, but nothing will grow your hair instantly or overnight. So, don’t bother with all these claims and let us give you some top tips on growing your hair quickly.

How to Accelerate Hair Growth?

Scientifically, on an average, human hair grows at the rate of half an inch every month. It could be lesser or may be slightly more, but there are no proven ways to make your hair grow significantly faster than half an inch per month.

With that in mind, rather than aiming to unrealistically growing your hair faster, what you should try to understand are the factors that slow your hair growth and how you should be avoiding them.

What You Should Know About Hair Growth

After the intestinal cells, the human hair is the fastest growing cell in the body. In fact, the average scalp will approximately have about 120,000 strands of hair growing on it.

With that being said, the hair is not an essential tissue nor is it a vital organ. Hence, in that case, your body will never put the hair’s nutritional needs ahead of anything else. So, when you have a nutritional imbalance in your body, it will first take a toll on your hair before anywhere else.

While growing more than half an inch a month is very difficult, it is possible to grow your hair slightly quicker. However, that entirely depends on genetics, which is also known as the gene lottery.

There are certain remedies that you can try to encourage a better supply of normal and healthy growing hair. Some of the tips we have listed below are everyday lifestyle tips that don’t just benefit your hair but also your entire well-being.

Top Tips on Accelerating Your Hair Growth

Eating Healthy

Since our hair is a representation of our overall health, it comes as no surprise that what we put inside us makes a massive difference on its appearance. So, for a well-nurtured and nourished hair, there are certain things you must regularly do and add to your diet.

  • Water: Just like your skin, your scalp also gets dry. To address this, ideally, you should consume about two to 2.5 liters of water every single day. If you work out or live in an area with a warm climate, then adding half a liter more is necessary.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C, which is a resource for producing the necessary collagen for hair growth, is needed for having healthy skin and hair. This acts as a major antioxidant, which will fight the cellular damage we do on a regular basis. Sweet potatoes, red peppers, and citrus fruits are some of the excellent sources of Vitamin C.
  • Biotin: Like all cells in our body, hair cells are also coated with a fatty membrane. For these cells to multiply and grow healthily, it is necessary to keep the fatty membranes healthy as well. This can only happen when you have the right diet that includes a healthy amount of fat. Some of the top natural sources of biotin include nuts, salmon, oysters, and avocados.
  • Protein: Since our hair is protein-based, it is essential to consume more protein. Having a serving of roughly 120 grams of meat protein for your breakfast and lunch would be ideal. If you are a vegetarian, you can get these 120 grams of protein from beans, legumes, nuts, and tofu.
  • Breakfast: There is a good reason why our parents told us that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast is basically like refueling most of your body, which also includes your hair follicles and your scalp. Having a meal that contains all the above will give your hair cells all the energy it needs to be formed.

Don’t Shampoo Often

Shampooing too often will result in your hair becoming drier and more brittle. It also strips away the scalp and hair off of their natural oils and sebum. What you will need to do is use a good conditioner daily.

Using a conditioner will help in maintaining the ends of the hair. It will also minimize the risk of split ends, tangles, and breakage. The conditioner is used to replace the natural oils that are washed away.


Hair cells rely on oxygen in order to stay healthy and duplicate. The oxygen can only reach every cell through blood circulation that is fully operational. A half-an-hour-long cardio three times a week is recommended. At the same time, also make it a habit to massage your scalp regularly as that will help the hair cells too.

Sleep Well

Sleep also plays an important role in your hair growth. Ideally, about eight hours of sleep every night is perfect. It is during these eight hours that the body gets the chance to repair itself. This is also the window for more growth hormones to come out, which in turn speed up the process of cell reproduction. Furthermore, sleeping will increase the blood circulation too.

Don’t Comb When Wet

When your hair is dripping wet, it is at its most vulnerable state to break. Combing it then will result in you stretching and pulling it, which will cause damage. So, before combing, dry your hair with a towel until it is just damp and then gently use a comb or a brush. Do not rush this process. Even the drying process should be gentle. Do not quickly rub your hair with the towel.


Knowing how to accelerate hair growth entirely depends on how much you know about hair and how they develop and grow. We hope that this article has given you enough insight into this matter.

While you cannot magically grow your hair overnight, you must ensure that you keep yourself healthy to promote good hair growth and avoid damage. Follow our list of tips to the T, and we are certain that you will have healthy hair in no time!

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How to Accelerate Hair Growth Naturally FAQs

Is natural hair growth achievable?

Natural hair growth can be achieved if consistently implemented into your every day routine and by using the appropriate treatments.

Are laser hair growth caps a natural hair growth treatment method?

Yes! Laser caps are an all-natural hair growth stimulation treatment that use low level light therapy to encourage new hair growth in the hair follicles.

Can essential oils help hair growth naturally?

Some essential oils can help improve the overall health of your hair. Some great essential oils to use for the hair are peppermint, coconut, castor, and lemongrass.

By James