Hair Growth Tips for Men

Unfortunately, there are no miracle hair growth tips for men or proven methods for how to increase hair growth with home remedies. What may work for one man may not work for the next. While there are endless home remedies to choose from, we’re going to only focus on the ones that have a reputation for working, in addition to discussing some products and methods you can use that will make your hair thicker, faster. 

Diet Matters

If your thinning hair is driving you crazy and you’re searching for a way to grow your hair thicker and faster, then you may be surprised to learn that the first thing you should focus on is your diet. Improving your diet and adding omega 3s, more protein, and vitamin C can make a huge difference. You can even see a difference in as little as a month. You can also try taking daily vitamins for thicker hair, such as vitamin B complex. 

Working Out 

Regular exercise can have an impact on hair health. Working out regularly will increase circulation in the scalp. If you’re struggling with poor circulation, hair is usually the first to go. 

Hair Styling Tools 

Straighteners, hair dryers, and other types of heat products have an adverse effect on hair. If possible, avoid using heat styling tools and allow your hair to dry naturally instead. If you have to use a hairdryer after a shower, switch to the low setting. 

Basic Hair Care 

Hair Care

While the top-selling shampoos designed to encourage hair growth are pricey, you can still improve hair health even if you’re on a tight budget by using natural products. You can treat your hair with coconut oil, eggs, coconut milk, orange juice, avocados, neem paste, mayo, vinegar, lemon juice, and even honey. 

Boosting Hair Growth 

Aside from genetics, hair loss can often be a side effect of something else. If you’ve ruled out genetics, hormonal imbalance, hyperthyroidism, eczema, and determined it’s a matter of clogged hair follicles, stress, poor circulation, or another condition that’s manageable, then the following tips can help to boost hair growth in no time. 


Massaging your scalp regularly can promote hair growth. In fact, this remedy has been used for hundreds of years because it has been proven effective. The goal here is to improve circulation in the scalp and poor scalp circulation is one of the leading causes of hair loss. A scalp massage will bring oxygen to the hair follicles, which is crucial for new growth. 

Coconut Oil or Milk 

Both coconut oil and milk are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Each type of coconut-based element can keep your hair shiny, healthy, and strong. Many hair stylists recommend saturating your scalp in coconut oil overnight to hydrate the scalp. Rinsing your hair in coconut milk can help to clean the scalp and hair follicles, promoting new hair growth. Both options will keep the follicles and hair healthy, helping to encourage new growth while helping you retain the hair you do have. 

If you have a dry, flaky scalp, use coconut oil treatments twice weekly, leaving the oil on for as long as possible. Some people even choose to sleep with coconut oil in their hair in order to get the most out of this treatment. 


Certain types of veggies and fruits are loaded with antioxidants which work to fight free radicals. High levels of free radicals can cause the death of skin cells on the scalp. Pureei certain fruits and veggies and creating your own natural hair mask can deliver antioxidant-rich nutrients that the scalp needs in order to promote new hair growth. Great food sources include bananas, oranges, avocados, bananas, and lemons, and papaya. 


Did you know one teaspoon of black pepper mixed with plain yogurt can do wonders in terms of unclogging hair follicles? This spicy rinse should be massaged into the scalp and rinsed off after five minutes using a gentle shampoo and warm water. 

You can repeat this treatment two to three times a week for best results. 

Hair Growth Products

There are literally hundreds of hair regrowth products on the market these days from the popular Rogaine, to knock off creams, and sprays, all designed to encourage new hair growth. While Rogaine has actually been proven to work, it can also be expensive and will stop working once you cease using the product. This means, if Rogaine worked to grow back your luscious hair, as soon as you stop using it, your hair will start falling out again. 

Because there are so many products to choose from, in a wide variety of price points, choosing the best method can be overwhelming. Many men choose home treatment options simply because they’re too embarrassed to go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Many of the treatments offered in the medical field, such as hair transplants and low light laser therapy have been proven to work, but those treatments can also be costly. 

Another solution is an LLLT home device. A laser device for hair loss can provide effective treatment in the comfort of your home. The HairMax Prima laser comb is a popular model and one that can potentially provide results in a matter of weeks.

If you’d like to learn more about these devices, click here to read our buyer’s guide which includes an in-depth look at each best-selling model. 

When Medical Treatment is Necessary

There are some instances in which home treatment isn’t a good option. In fact, your hair loss could indicate a more serious condition than clogged hair follicles or aging. 

A hormonal imbalance can be to blame for hair loss, weight gain, an increase in fatigue, and more. If you’ve experienced changes in your weight, energy level, sleep, and hair loss, we recommend making an appointment with your primary care provider before you try self-treatment. It could be a simple matter of correcting your hormonal imbalance to prevent hair loss and encourage your scalp to get back to work.

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Hair Growth Tips for Men FAQs

How can I grow my hair in 2 days?

Hair growth does not happen overnight and it is not realistic for new hair growth to appear this quickly.

What will make your hair grow faster?

Eating a healthy diet, exercising, and using natural shampoos and other products can help your hair grow faster.

Is hair loss in men common?

Yes. Millions of men in the United States alone struggle with hair loss.

Hair Growth Tips for Men for Thicker, Healthier Hair
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Hair Growth Tips for Men for Thicker, Healthier Hair
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