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Losing hair throughout the day is not uncommon. In fact, most individuals lose anywhere between 80 and 100 hairs on a daily basis. However, when this hair fall becomes noticeable and your locks begin to thin and start showing the scalp, this is when it becomes an issue. A patchy spot or receding hairline means your hair loss is not normal. The problem can develop into a source of frustration and stress and often causes you to lose self-esteem and self-confidence. 

This is the time that you need to start looking into hair growth treatment options to help you combat your hair thinning. Hair growth devices, in this regard, are becoming a raging trend, and something you can think about to help with your hair loss. They are not only convenient and portable, but also offer you a reliable hair regrowth solution. 

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The good news is that tons of lasers devices can help you stimulate the scalp and improve blood circulation around it. Here is a list of the best laser caps in 2020.

Laser caps allow your locks to grow on their own naturally. The specific type of laser therapy is popular with the name of low level laser light therapy or LLLT. 

Note that lasers are not always for removing hair. In fact, in many cases, they can stimulate and speed up hair growth. 

However, before you purchase a laser cap for your balding or thinning scalp, it is essential to compare your options. Learning how certain therapies work can help you make an informed decision. Here we have focused solely on Illumiflow laser cap vs Bosley laser cap to help get you up to speed with these laser cap options. Read on to learn more!


The illumiflow laser helmet is one-size-fits-all and comes with 272 and 148 strategically built-in diodes to give you maximum coverage. Keep in mind that the more laser diodes a cap contains, the more effective the hair growth will be in a shorter amount of time. 

It is a device that has its own baseball hat that you can wear over the laser cap. This allows you to discreetly wear the laser cap device out and about if you wish. However, you also have the option to use the cap in the comfort of your own home at your own convenience. The process is not only comfortable, but can also give you effective hair restoration if you use the cap religiously according to their website.

The Illumiflow laser cap is a laser device that is lightweight and convenient to use, making it a good option to consider if you are looking to purchase a laser cap to help combat your hair loss. 

Illumiflow Reviews

illumiflow reviews

This low-light laser cap is FDA cleared to improve hair regrowth. If your hair loss is severe or a genetic hair growth problem, the illumiflow laser helmet gives you 20,000 treatment sessions. You need to take thirty minutes of treatment three times a week. Most users begin to see the results within five months according to their website. 

The 272 diodes in the cap can cover the entire scalp to promote hair regrowth. The laser cap calibrates 650nm light that penetrates your scalp to regenerate hair follicles and encourage new growth. 

The cap has a set timer and can turn off automatically after the half-hour, meaning you don’t need to worry about keeping track of the time while wearing the cap.

Illumiflow Laser Helmet Return Details

illumiflow laser helmet

According to Illumiflow’s website, they do not offer returns after purchasing until you have used the cap for a full 6-months. This means that you need to be 100% set on wanting to purchase this cap before buying.

You are allowed to return the Illumiflow laser helmet for your full money back if you do not see satisfactory results after using it for the full 6-months. This is their money back guarantee policy that will protect you in case it does not work for you. Yes, there is a chance that you may not see results, as different individuals respond differently to the treatment and results cannot be guaranteed. This gives you peace of mind when purchasing.

You are also granted a 5-year warranty with your purchase. This covers your products in case of any malfunctioning out of your control.

Bosley Hair Laser Cap

Bosley is an advanced hair restoration solution you can do at home. The caps deliver on the legacy of Bosley with a science-backed laser treatment that is safe and effective. The laser cap is a long term solution for pattern baldness and can slow down hair thinning. Bosley uses Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to treat the scalp and hair follicles. This scientifically proven treatment helps stimulate cellular activity and blood circulation to treat hair loss and promote new hair growth.

These laser caps include 164 and 272 diodes to offer maximum coverage for your treatment. Low-laser light therapy (LLLT) has FDA clearance. It offers an auto-programmed treatment to stimulate your dormant hair follicles and increase hair growth while reducing thinning.

Bosley Laser Cap Models

bosley laser cap

The Bosley hair regrowth Revitalizer laser cap comes in several models. You can get a cap that contains either 272, 164, or 96 laser diodes. The cap with 164 laser diodes is typically a laser therapy cap that many physicians recommend to restore losing hair according to their website. It is an excellent laser device that can help people prevent or avert hair loss progression. 

Remember that the more laser diodes or laser energy you give to your hair follicles, the more optimal results you will get in a faster time period. This FDA-cleared laser cap is wearable with a battery-operated device to help you restore your falling hair.

With the emission of a 650 nanometer wavelength, it offers effective and quick light absorption. Bosley promotes hair growth in men and women with androgenetic alopecia and can help grow thicker hair with LLLT technology.

Other Components of the Bosley Laser Cap

bosley hair laser cap

  • Exclusive Controller Pod
  • Rechargable Battery Pack
  • Wall Charger
  • Bosley Sports Cap
  • Belt Clip
  • Storage Pouch

Illumiflow or Bosley: Which is Better?

illumiflow vs bosley

Bosley and Illumiflow come with laser diodes to promote hair growth and can reduce hair loss significantly. The technologies offer comfortable and non-surgical treatments for effective results. Also, they have FDA clearance to stimulate your weak hair follicles.  

Remember that Bosley is specifically good for treating genetic hair loss. It comes with an exclusive controller pod and belt clip for better protection, however the devices are extremely expensive compared to other models on the market.

If you are looking for an affordable laser cap device with 272 laser diodes and awesome warranty period, then Illumiflow should be your choice.

If you are still not sold on either of these two brands, you can check out this laser cap review that discusses another brand on the market.



Overall, the laser therapy process emits photons during sessions to encourage hair growth. Laser caps and LLLT technology encourage weak hair follicles and cells to grow by stimulating them to promote new hair. Both Bosley and Illumiflow are choices for your hair growth issue, but you need to choose one that suits your hair needs. The given details have provided a solid overview of the products and can help you choose which one will be your best investment when looking for real hair growth results.

Illumiflow Laser Cap vs Bosley Laser Cap Facts

Which laser cap is best?

Laser caps that use medical grade laser diodes are the best for regrowing hair. Always make sure the device is FDA-cleared before purchasing.

Does light therapy work to regrow hair?

Yes. Low level light therapy has been clinically proven to regrow hair on the scalps of men and women. This light therapy is emitted through lasers in laser cap devices that are a portable hair growth treatment option.

Does red light therapy help hair growth?

Yes. Red light therapy can help hair growth. This light is used in FDA-cleared laser caps to produce healthier, thicker and stronger hair on the scalp.

Do laser caps really regrow hair?

Yes. Laser caps can regrow hair and have been clinically proven to do so. These devices are FDA-cleared and designed for men and women ages 18 and older looking to combat their hair loss condition.

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