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Androgenetic alopecia affect millions of men and women a year, making it one of the biggest causes of hair loss. And although a cure has not been discovered just yet, scientists and medical professionals are working every day to find one for those suffering from male and female pattern baldness. One technology that has made headway in the hair loss industry is low level light therapy. It might not be a cure, but it’s the next best thing that promotes hair growth and stimulates those follicles to get those locks back on your head. This article will discuss how low level light therapy fights for your hair health.


When we notice our hair starting to thin and fall out, not only do we feel like we are losing a part of ourselves, but we can also feel stressed, anxious, and depressed. Our self esteem can become low, and the search for alternatives can become a priority. Rather than looking into hair transplants, snake oil treatments, or wigs, start looking into low level light therapy. 


What is Low Level Light Therapy

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To understand how low level light therapy works, you must understand the hair growth cycle. The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: the anagen (growth) phase, the telogen (resting) stage, and the catagen (shedding) phase. In male and female pattern baldness, follicles slowly become miniaturized and the growth stage is slowed. Because this phase is shortened, the hair’s maximum length is reduced. While this is happening, the resting phase lengthens, and this cycle slowly becomes more and more weighted toward the telogen phase. Over time, the anagen phase becomes so short that the new hairs cannot peek through the surface of the skin, and no new growth occurs. Miniaturization of the follicles causes the shaft of the hair to become thinner and thinner with each cycle of growth.


Low level light therapy works by fixing the broken hair cycle. It is believed to increase blood flow in the scalp and stimulate metabolism in catagen or telogen follicles, resulting in the production of anagen hair. Using lasers, it improves cellular respiration and function by stimulating the hair follicle cells. Better breathing cells make for a better functioning hair follicle. Backed by experts in the fields of science, medicine, and technology, this tech can increase circulation and encourage hair follicles to produce hair growth through gentle stimulation. 


To be a bit more scientific, the photons of light act on cytochrome C oxidase, leading to the production of adenosine triphosphate. This is then converted to cyclic AMP in the hair follicle cells, releasing energy and stimulating metabolic processes that are absolutely necessary for hair growth. It also releases nitric oxide from cells, which then distributes nutrients and oxygen to the roots of your hair


Low level light therapy can also be used in the treatment of many conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more, but in recent years, has been utilized in the hair loss industry as a great way to grow back hair, once thought to be lost forever. It isn’t a cure for male/female pattern baldness, but it can help you in your fight against hair loss, preventing the destruction of hair follicles. It energizes aging cells and stimulates the production of hair, and allows you the comfort of knowing you don’t have to put yourself through expensive surgeries or wigs.


What was once only used for chemotherapy-induced hair loss, is now a popular treatment for those undergoing genetically or age induced hair loss. The method utilizes photons, which are irradiated into scalp tissues and absorbed by weak cells in order to encourage hair growth. The procedure is a non-invasive, non-chemical option for hair loss that was once performed in many hair restoration clinics around the world, but has now made its way into the comfort of your home. A way better option than the invasive treatments like hair transplants, DIY concoctions, or the snake oil products that boast hair growth. 


Laser hair caps, such as Kiierr, are worn for 30 minutes every other day, with new hair growth becoming noticeable in just 10-12 weeks. There are also no side effects and has no negative impact on your health, making it the most reliable means of hair growth out there!


Compared to supplements, topical treatments, and surgeries, lasers are an amazing solution for not only stimulating hair growth, but making it stronger and healthier as well.

Low Level Light Therapy FAQs


Is low level light therapy safe?

Low level light therapy is a FDA-cleared treatment that has many different benefits and is used safely on men and women. The most popular way this treatment is used is to regrow hair on the scalp with laser caps.

Is low level laser therapy safe?

Yes. Low level laser therapy and low level light therapy are interchangeable and are a FDA-cleared treatment method.

What is low level laser therapy used for?

Low level laser therapy is used to stimulate hair growth on the scalps of men and women struggling with hair loss. This treatment method is emitted through devices called laser hair growth caps.

Are laser caps used for men and women?

Yes. These medical devices are designed for men and women ages 18 and older.

By James