The iRestore laser hair growth system is referred to as a dome, but it looks more like a helmet. Large, and powerful, this laser hair restore system is designed to promote hair growth in a matter of weeks. 

It can also help to minimize hair fall after just two weeks of use, which goes to show just how powerful this hair loss device really is. 

But does it really work and is the hype surrounding this innovative home hair loss system true or is it just another gimmick?

Let’s find out in our iRestore review.

iRestore Hair Growth System Overview and Features 

irestore hair growth system

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that this model is an FDA cleared medical device that’s approved for the treatment of hair loss in both men and women. 

The helmet was developed in a facility that was GMP certified. This hair restoration system is easy to use, and a perfect option for anyone on a tight budget looking for a more affordable solution compared to pricey in-office hair LLLT therapy. 

This model has been clinically studied. Results determined that the device is, in fact, effective in promoting hair regrowth. During this four-month study, one hundred percent of the study participants saw visible improvement. The average increase in hair growth ranged from forty to forty-three percent. 

The helmet can be used alone or combined with another type of hair restoration treatment such as hair transplant surgery or with popular hair restoration products such as Rogaine for men and women. 

For improved results, the manufacturer recommends taking a daily vitamin B complex supplement.

iRestore Hair Growth Package Details 

irestore hair growth

Inside this package, you’ll find the hair loss laser system dome, a user manual, controller, and an AC adapter. 

The dome itself is made out of a durable plastic. The built-in headband is highly adjustable and designed to keep the dome securely in place during treatment. 

The included controller is used to stop or start treatment. The controller’s small backlit display makes it easy to view the setting and treatment time. There are also two dedicated buttons to start or stop treatment. 

Inside the helmet, you’ll find a total of thirty LED lights and twenty-one lasers that emit a powerful wavelength of light designed to stimulate the scalp. 

The inside of the dome is also heavily padded with soft cushions that help to improve comfort during treatment. 

iRestore Laser Performance and Usage

irestore laser

The helmet is designed for people who have thinning hair or bald areas on the scalp. Obviously, losing your hair can be very stressful, but the iRestore helmet can give you hope that help is on the way. While it can’t regrow your hair overnight, it can slowly stimulate hair growth after just a few weeks of treatment. 

The treatment itself isn’t painful, although some users may feel as though treatment can be time-consuming. The manufacturer recommends using the helmet every other day for twenty-five minutes.

Who Can Benefit from the iRestore Helmet Treatment? 

irestore helmet treatment

The manufacturer claims the device works to regrow hair in people diagnosed with androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness. Men and women with androgenetic alopecia have hair loss in a well-defined pattern that usually begins above the temples. Over a period of several months or years, the hairline will recede, forming the characteristic M shape. The hair can also thin at the crown, slowly progressing to complete or partial baldness. 

In women, the pattern of hair loss differs compared to the pattern of hair loss in men and often becomes thinner all over the head. The hairline doesn’t recede. In women, androgenetic alopecia rarely leads to total baldness. 

This type of hair loss in men has been associated with a number of other medical conditions including the enlargement of the prostate, and coronary heart disease. Additionally, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and obesity can all be contributing factors to hair loss. In women, this type of hair loss is usually associated with polycystic ovary syndrome, which is characterized by a hormonal imbalance. 

Details of iRestore Results

irestore results

This hair regrowth laser system will switch on for twenty-five minutes per treatment session and will switch off once treatment is complete. At the end of the session, the controller will beep as the lights automatically turn off. 

The helmet will not emit any heat during treatment.

Unfortunately, users will not have the ability to adjust the treatment time, as the helmet only offers the automatic twenty-five-minute treatment, unlike the Capillus Pro laser therapy cap which gives users more treatment options. 

For more hair loss LLLT treatment options, click here to check out our laser hair growth system buyer’s guide. 

There have been reports that new hair growth is apparent after just eight to ten treatments, or a period of two weeks, which is pretty impressive. Most users reported that treatment was only necessary for a period of four months, however, the manufacturer also recommends using the dome one to two times a week for maintenance purposes. 

During the first couple of weeks, you won’t notice much in terms of new hair growth. However, there were a number of reports stating that hair fall was significantly reduced, even during a shower. If you’ve ever dealt with the heartbreak that comes with washing your hair and watching hundreds of strands going down the drain, then this alone will be a huge incentive to buy. 

Hair growing after laser treatment will be thicker, and softer. Treatment can also have a major positive impact on the texture and quality of your existing hair. 

*UPDATE: Following on from my iRestore review, I still continue to use it and believe it to be an essential piece of kit in my hairloss battle.


  • Lightweight design 
  • Easy to use treatment system
  • Results in as little as two weeks 
  • Comfortable 
  • Powerful 


  • Limited number of lasers & LED’s
  • No treatment length adjustment options 
iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Conclusion and Rating Product Rating: (4/5)

Lightweight, comfortable, easy to use, and proven effective, this iRestore LLLT treatment dome received plenty of positive feedback from satisfied men and women. The only real drawback is the inability to set the length of treatment. Overall, the device is reasonably priced and can provide results in a matter of weeks. We gave this model a rating of four stars.

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iRestore Review FAQs

Does the iRestore really work?

iRestore is FDA-cleared to safely and effectively help combat hair loss on the scalps of men and women.

Do lasers really regrow hair?

Laser can really regrow hair with the help of laser caps.

How long does it take for iRestore to work?

This depends on the individual and how your scalp responds to the treatment therapy. Most customers report growth some time after 4-months of use.

Can I use iRestore every day?

It is recommended to follow the treatment schedule that iRestore advises for its customers.

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